How popular is Douglas fir?
    Douglas fir has been used since the late 1800’s. It was installed in homes of the very wealth as well as one room cabins. Douglas fir was very popular in the first half of the 20th century and when “wall to wall carpeting” became the in thing the floors were covered. People who have bought older homes and have removed the carpeting were extremely happy to find the wood flooring and how well it looks.

    How much product should you order?
    Depending on the shape of the room or rooms estimate an average of 10% waste. If the area is an odd shape the waste could be higher. It is important to talk to your installer and ask them what they’re estimating the waste will be and how much product to order. Just remember, if you are short on product it will delay your project waiting on material and potentially cost more money and not to mention an inconvenience.

    Why should you order materials from Douglas-Fir Floors and More?
    We are only as good as our customer service and this is why we make customer service our number 1 priority. If we have one unsatisfied customer it won’t matter how many happy customers we have. If there is any problem with your order you can rest assured, we will do everything we can to make right. Without happy customers, Douglas-Fir Floors and More would not be in business.


    Most orders will ship within 1 to 2 weeks. Custom orders may take longer. Orders need to be placed as soon as possible to eliminate delays waiting on materials. Shipments will be tracked to give the customer the most current information with regards to location and delivery time.
    NOTE: Flooring needs to be stored inside for 2 to 5 days prior to installation. This allows the flooring to acclimate to the existing climate conditions such as temperature and humidity. This needs to be considered when scheduling the installation.


    The trucking company is not responsible for unloading the material and allows 30 minutes for unloading. If unloading takes longer than 30 minutes, the trucking company may charge additional fees for stand-by time. Any additional charges will be the customer’s responsibility. We recommend having a forklift or the needed manpower on site to unload the shipment in the allotted time. It may be advisable to have your order delivered to an alternative location for easy offloading.

    Damage and Replacements

    When the shipment arrives it is the responsibility of the customer and/or their representative to inspect the shipment for damages such as dents, gouges, broken straps or torn wrapping and to make sure there are no missing items. All damages and/or missing items need to be listed or noted on the bill of Lading. If the customer does not list or note any damages or missing items on the bill of lading, Douglas Fir Floors and More cannot be held responsible. After noting the damage it is important to look at the product and determine if it is usable. If the customer decides the product is too damaged to use please contact Douglas Fir Floors and More immediately.

    Failure to take Delivery of Product:

    If the buyer refuses to take delivery of product a 20% restocking charge and all shipping charges will be charged to the customer.
    Order Cancellations:
    An order may be cancelled by the customer any time before the order has been shipped at no charge by notifying Douglas Fir Floors and More in writing. If the product has already been shipped a 20% restocking charge and all shipping charges will be charged to the customer.

    Why should you choose Douglas fir?
    Douglas fir is extremely durable and will hold up very well in high use areas. Douglas fir grow very straight and reaches heights of 200 – 300 feet which results in a very nice looking straight tight grain and has a beautiful rose coloring and Douglas fir is the most abundant wood product in the country.