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    Why should I choose Douglas Fir for my Flooring, wall Paneling, Trim and molding for my home?

    Douglas Fir is an Affordable, Green and sustainable product.  Douglas Fir is Extremely Durable and with its  Straight tight grain and Beautiful coloring it enhances the Beauty of your home. 


    douglas fir wood

    Douglas Fir Floors and More, is located in the Pacific Northwest, the heartland of the magnificent Douglas-Fir. We have chosen to specialize in Douglas-Fir floors,  trim, casework, wall & ceiling paneling for the simple fact that Douglas-Firs are one of the most abundant timber resources in the country. Unlike exotic woods that are endanger of extinction.

    Engineers and Architects repeatedly choose Douglas-Fir as their first choice. Douglas fir is recognized for its superior strength-to-weight ratio making it a favorite for Engineers. Its beautiful light rose color and straight tight vertical grain patterns push this wood to the top of the list for Architects. It is not uncommon to find Douglas fir flooring in 100 year old buildings here in the Northwest. Many factories and gymnasiums used Douglas fir flooring because of its dense grain structure and with the incredible beating these floors take, makes it the perfect choice. Douglas firs tight grain surface will maintain its appearance under extreme wear, continue to hold its finish, luster and will not crack or splinter.

    Douglas-Fir for floors, trim, moldings, wall & ceiling  are managed primarily in natural stands, on long rotations. There are approximately 34.6 million acres of Douglas-Fir managed primarily in natural stands.

    Three main reasons to use Douglas fir:

    1. Most abundant timber resource and not endanger of extinction.
    2. Its Strength and durability
    3. The extreme natural beauty of the rose coloring, and the tight vertical grain patterns.

    Customer service and honesty is our most important goal at Douglas fir Floors and More.

    If you have any questions or would like any additional information regarding our products we would love to hear from you.

    You may contact me via email at   dougfirflooring@gmail.com

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